We strive for excellence in three key branches of addiction recovery: The Addict, The 21, and The Ministry.


the addict

We believe, through our own story and the stories of others, that true recovery comes from Jesus Christ. In many cases, the individual must be separated from the circumstances of the addiction, and medically treated for their physical safety in order for the Word of God to be truly embraced. We specialize in providing an individualized blueprint of recovery  options to include but not limited to: detox, full hospitalization, partial hospitalization, inpatient, outpatient, sober living, and maintenance programs (such as AA, NA, SA, Celebrate Recovery, Freedom Ministries, etc.) based on the needs of both the individual and the family.


the 21

On average, there are 21 people directly affected by one person's addiction. This includes family, friends, and co-workers.   We provide the core support system with information as to where their loved one is going, what they can expect while their loved one is gone, what can be anticipated upon reunification, and connection with organizations and individuals who can assist in the restorative processes. We offer connections to local resources to assist those closest to the addict throughout the recovery process, such as: adult/child counseling, biblical counseling, peer to peer counseling (parents, spouse), introduction to local church staff, access to other nonprofits based upon needs of the family.


the ministry

For years, George and Meredith Shafer were directed to and consecutively focused on the physical and mental aspects of recovery- which was extremely beneficial. But the full trifecta of restoration and healing was not and cannot be complete without the spiritual component, and the healing that only the Cross can bring. S.T.O.R.M. offers the same inclusive atmosphere that brought our founders full circle in their own journey through the local church. The STORM Shelter is a Facebook Live Event held every Monday at noon on the STORM Inc. Facebook page.