Meredith N. Shafer, J.D.

CEO/CFO, storm inc.

Meredith Shafer, J.D., is a national speaker and author who has spent the last 15 years as the Executive Director of a multi-million dollar nonprofit organization in the Oklahoma City area. She has dedicated her education and experience to raising awareness of PTSD and addiction- her latest book, Mad Cow: A PTSD Love Story is her family's journey through addiction to the hope of recovery. Meredith also pastors the STORM Shelter, a Facebook Live event on Monday's at noon CST. 

Meredith has also serves as one of two Addiction Specialist Chaplains for the Oklahoma City Police Department.


SFC George F. Shafer, U.S. Army (Ret.)


George Shafer is a highly decorated veteran and retiree of 15 years from the United States Army. George struggled with addiction for 22 years, but now is a national speaker who has employed a multifaceted and strategic approach to his recovery, which he now shares with others. SFC Shafer has devoted a majority of his adult life to defending freedom, and currently targets the epidemic of addiction and seeks the complete and total eradication of the epidemic this nation now faces. George also pastors the STORM Shelter on Facebook Live on Mondays at noon CST. 

George sits as an Associate Member on the Veteran's Council of Oklahoma. He also serves as a Chaplain on the Oklahoma City Police Department as an Addiction Specialist.




Mitzie Chappell- Program Manager, STORM Inc.








Travis Taylor- Program Manager, Operation: EXFIL






Payton Brown- Office Manager