STORM meets anybody and everybody in their crisis point of addiction. We also have specialized programs available for the following:

Operation: EXFIL

/eks'fil/ verb : withdraw troops surreptitiously, especially from a dangerous position.



Operation: EXFIL serves our veteran community in their point of addiction crisis, and provides them an individualized blueprint of recovery for themselves and a system of support for their family. Veterans have specific needs as well as targeted resources, and our team assists them through these comprehensive ordeals. We have two veterans on staff, and a multitude of volunteers who have also served. For confidential information, please fill out the form below.

Operation: Thin Blue Line

The role of the police officer is to separate the good from the bad; to create order from chaos. Our law enforcement officers stand in the gap daily as willing combatants holding the line between good and evil for the everyday average citizen. Addiction and mental health struggles know no boundaries, no "off season", and is not a discriminator of persons. There is a growing trend of men and women within the ranks of the police force that are finding it more and more difficult to cope with the trauma associated with wearing the badge.

STORM Inc., has committed a program dedicated solely to our brothers and sisters in blue.

We have put protocols in place to create an environment conducive to the specific needs of the LEO- starting with organizational and clientele evacuation of our facilities prior to the arrival of an officer for confidence in anonymity.

We have also partnered with organizations that have LEO/First Responder sensitive care for mental fitness and addiction treatment with internal segregation measures in place to ensure the safety of both the officer and their situation.

STORM Inc. is grateful for our law enforcement community, and is proud to partner with local agencies to supplement and assist where available. For confidential information, please fill out the form below.

Operation: Fire Rescue

STORM Inc. recognizes the need for a nonbiased third-party entity to provide an individualized blueprint for addiction recovery and/or dual diagnosis within the ranks of our first responders. STORM Inc. has years of experience, both personal and relational, in connecting people in need to required resources. Our team has partnered with several local and national organizations that facilitate and specialize in addiction recovery as well as dual diagnosis. We also work diligently with the families of our clients, to keep them informed and integrated with programs especially for them.

Whereas the day to day operations between military, LEO's and First Responders differs greatly, the effect on the individual and the families is eerily similar. Addiction and mental health often run hand in hand, and STORM Inc. recognizes the need to serve our local fire departments as well as they serve us, standing ready to answer the call. For confidential information, please fill out the form below.

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